Introducing The Kootenays Network

Representing a regional population of 60,000 in small communities plus 60,000 in larger towns, we will provide direct connections to over 10,000 unique local resources.

Cross-promotion and consolidation are key objectives

Launching in Q4/2023

Coverage of
  • Very economical, extraordinary value: high content, long runs, super-low pricing
  • Individual Community sites are not big revenue sources – each will typically generate perhaps a few thousand dollars of net income annually, so the networking of these sites supports their long-term viability
  • Low participation fees means that existing local media will not lose regular customers to us, as it is practical to be involved in more than one channel
  • Organized to maximize relevance to various audiences
  • Everyone’s link is included whether they’re enhanced or not
  • Useful comprehensive data that can be sorted and filtered
  • Accurate coverage – if an operation wants to be found, chances are they’re here
  • Fresh, reliable, and responsive
  • Independent: No Limits - we are not constrained by external political or commercial controls...the practical needs of our users drive us
  • Fun, diverse, and colourful - visits to our site(s) will be enjoyable
  • Uncluttered, genuine - no syndicated ads, affiliate programs or random junk feeds to distract you, just real, local folks
  • Easy on the eyes - decent font sizes and low density content, easily readable anywhere
  • Interactive…user contributions in Faves & Raves is one example
  • We are not an opinion, business rating or discussion site…the world is full of those...we're simply focused on getting practical results and inspiring our neighbours
  • Compact multimedia for all devices
  • We focus on direct connections to qualified local experts.  Occasionally some editorial comment will be present, but we don’t waste your time reproducing existing content published elsewhere.  We take you to the source. 

Carefully Selected Marketing Resources

Sample Local Production

Locating assets that showcase our region 

Much of 2023 for this project will involve inviting local photographers and videographers - professional and amateur - to contribute a few of their most iconic images and videos that capture the essence of our region and communities.  We will be sure to prominently attribute these "wow" productions with gratitude on behalf of the residents and our potential visitors.

What's so great about our Network?

We research everything that's worth knowing about, and present it to you in a simple, organized fashion.   If it's in the Kootenays, you'll find it.  Fast
If you're open for business, you'll be found.  Our design keeps users FOCUSED.

We include active web links to every product or service that we know about.  We embed live phone call links for smart-phone connection and google maps links for the location. 

Data tables are set up by category for quickly scanning the available listings on any device.  Data columns can be sorted and results can be filtered by key words.

With 1,250 public connections in Creston alone, validated regularly we are definitely a super-directory of local products, services and activities...with few if any dead-ends or undesirable results.  

We are completely local: without big-city overhead, costly multi-national franchise controls, or profit obligations to corporate stakeholders.   Creative and fast on our feet, the sky's the limit for the extra effectiveness our business model can provide over old-fashioned and hyper-expensive approaches that were the only local options until now.  We intend to expand the options available to consumers through modern technology and in the process do a better job connecting with the community.

We do not generate redundant editorial content to justify our existence - we let our local experts convey their messages directly without us paraphrasing it.  We are not an agency, do not operate a commissioned-sales-funnel, do not participate in affiliate programs, and do not provide a platform for "user ratings" of businesses. 

Our commitment is to help residents and visitors fully understand what we have here!

For organizations desiring enhanced presence, we offer high quality in-context multimedia marketing options that cost the equivalent of a few pennies per day.  Annual participation is $20 which includes significant highlighting of the listing entry (and keywords presentation). Incremental setup fees of $20 per enhancement level, starting with a single parallax image, upgrading to a multi-image slider, video and even a custom "FOCUS" web page.  Another unique enhancement is a multi-page Classified Listing, providing a searchable product sales channel for just $20.

There are more options too, simply out-classing any competition. 

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Our Community Sites - Coming in Q2-Q4, 2023


Castlegar 1


Cranbrook 1


Creston 1


See Nelson


Revelstoke 1


Rossland Trail BC

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