About Me...

I spent 25 years in BC Tourism agencies  (RBCM / TBC / DBC) in a variety of roles, including customer service training programs, regional, sector and community tourism marketing programs coordination, business plan review, and major revenue program administration.  I held other financial positions within the public service, preceded by many years in the hospitality industry.  I attended Selkirk College in Castlegar, seeding my affection for the Kootenays early on. 

I have been a Creston resident since 2020, and a Town Councillor, Creston licensed business and Chamber of Commerce member since 2021
...see Team Creston for my evolving view of everything awesome our Valley has to offer!

Developing the Kootenays Network is mostly a labour of love, with about 1,200 unpaid hours expected for 2023 alone.  Hopefully some revenue may begin to trickle in by 2024...

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement - stay tuned for more!

Keith Baldwin
Creston, BC

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